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The Struggle is Not Against Myself

I know a lot of people here talk about struggling with sexual desires & wanting to have sex. But what about the other side? Is there anyone else out there who *doesn't* really have a struggle within themselves about wanting to have sex?

That's where I'm at and I've found it makes even considering getting in a relationship difficult. It's like, you know that sex is pretty much an expectation, but I've said before it's somewhere between 997 & 1002 on a list of a thousand priorities in a relationship for me. I'm planning to wait until I'm in a committed relationship & even then, I'd be perfectly content to have sex like once a month or even less. As you can imagine, finding anyone who thinks like this is neigh on impossible! Beyond that it makes it hard to relate to others, many of whom seem to find sex to be the end-all-be-all of any relationship they're in & if you aren't doing it ASAP something's wrong with you & your relationship(s).

Anyone else have similar thoughts?
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