Just Dev (evilbill1782) wrote in virgins_over_25,
Just Dev

Newbie intro! :)

Hi all... just thought I'd join up here, since I pretty much fit the criteria ;)

1 a) How old are you now? 29

1 b) Male or female? Male

2. (answer the one that applies)
a) If unmarried, are you a virgin? Yes

3. What are/were your reasons for waiting? Various - while I have been in love before and would willingly have given it up to the people I've loved, it's always been long-distance romance and they've always broken it off before we've had the chance to get together in person. I have yet to meet anyone local who's been available or interested in forming a relationship with me.

4. Does your faith play a factor in your decision? Would you wait even if you did not have this faith? Yes, I'd still wait

5a. Are you a complete virgin (never kissed or willfully engaged in any kind of sexual touching etc). Yes. I've never kissed or even been on a date.

5b. Have you actually had the opportunity to go further than you have, had you chosen to do so? No; I've never had the opportunity.

6. Do you regret any of the physical involvement/lack thereof that you may have had? Not exactly; I just regret that no-one I've been involved with has stayed with me long enough to give me a chance.

7. What are you waiting for (marriage, true love, a willing partner)? True love, with someone that I can actually be with in person

8. What do you feel is/was the hardest part of remaining true to your decision to wait? What would make it easier? The loneliness is incredibly hard to deal with at times. It's not just the desire for sex, it's the need to be close to someone, to hold them and kiss them and all the other intimate things.

9. If you could say one thing to older virgins out there, what would it be? You're not alone

10. Tell us something about you (interests, beliefs, favo(u)rites) that will help us get to know you better. Ummm... well, basically, I'm a geek. LOL... I love science, history, computer-ey stuff... and when I love, I love with my whole being, I don't hold anything back
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