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Still Waiting

Over 25 years old, still choosing abstinence

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This is a forum primarily for those of us who have chosen premarital abstinence but are now finding ourselves in a minority among young and older adults. As most of our "true love waits" peers have married in their early twenties, we face a unique challenge as an unmarried adult in our late twenties, thirties, even forties.

Although this forum was designed with virgins in mind, I equally welcome those over 25 who have chosen second virginity and are living in abstinence; as well as anyone who is now married who was a virgin past the age of 25.

I don't know about anyone else out there, but I feel particularly alone, and sometimes this waiting thing seems to be a difficult battle I don't think I can continue to win. My hope is that we can join together to support and encourage one another to stay on the road we've chosen and travelled on for so long.

Still waiting,

I ask that you please introduce yourself by answering these basic questions:

1 a) How old are you now?
1 b) Male or female?
2. (answer the one that applies)
a) If unmarried, are you a virgin?
b) If married, how old were you when you married, and were you a virgin at the time?
c) If not a virgin & not married, have you chosen second virginity? Since when?
3. What are/were your reasons for waiting?
4. Does your faith play a factor in your decision? Would you wait even if you did not have this faith?
5a. Are you a complete virgin (never kissed or willfully engaged in any kind of sexual touching etc).
5b. Have you actually had the opportunity to go further than you have, had you chosen to do so?
6. Do you regret any of the physical involvement/lack thereof that you may have had
7. What are you waiting for (marriage, true love, a willing partner)?
8. What do you feel is/was the hardest part of remaining true to your decision to wait? What would make it easier?
9. If you could say one thing to older virgins out there, what would it be?
10. Tell us something about you (interests, beliefs, favo(u)rites) that will help us get to know you better.


- We welcome discussion & questions, as we know we are quite unique in this world where it seems that EVERYONE has had sex by the age of 25...

But please don't bother posting (it will be moderated and likely deleted) if you're only here to say:
- "Go get laid, you freaks"
- "Loosen up and live a little, ya prudes"
- "Your balls will explode"
- "Sex is good for you/ waiting is unhealthy"
- "[Bla bla bla anti-religion/anti-Christianity/anti-Bible]" - (this is not a religious forum, not everyone here is religious (though many are), and many of us who are religious are waiting for more than just faith-based reasons. See our intro posts for more. If you want to challenge a member's religious beliefs please do so elsewhere).

In other words, if you're just here to mock virginity/waiting, you're not going to be here long.
But so long as you are here, I wrote this entry is for you: http://www.livejournal.com/community/virgins_over_25/15155.html