ghostsanddreams (ghostsanddreams) wrote in virgins_over_25,

Do you see any kind of ethical/moral difference...

between oral sex and intercourse?

I've noticed when talking with *some* people they are all like "I think sex before marraige is wrong!" but then they're perfectly ok with oral sex?

I wonder if anyone here feels that way and how they explain it?

I don't come from a religious perspective and to me I don't see much of a difference except that I'd be a bit more hesistant to jump into intercourse solely because I know that no matter how much protection you have a pregnancy can still occur. That is the ONLY ethical/moral difference I can see between the two myself, but like I said this isn't a religious perspective.

But honestly from my understanding of the major religions none of them are really ok with oral sex before marraige any more than they are intercourse before marraige.

Seems like something some people just make up in their heads so they can still go out and get sexual pleasure but then feel more *pure* because they don't go all the way. But I really don't see a difference.
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