Kristine (kruszer) wrote in virgins_over_25,

Half Gone...

I got together with a sexy male friend for diner last night. Sex was on the menu if I'd chosen to order.

My friend duly informed and reminded me that a woman's best sex years are between the ages of 14 and 42. "And yours are already half gone."

Ouch. Indeed. And there's no guarentee I'll get to enjoy the other half either. I'm loosing out. I hate this!

I know someone's going to tell me that they're in their 50's or 60's and are still enjoying their sex life. But it's not for nothing that most women over 45 have a tube of lube on their bedside tables. I know about libido that fades with age... Meanwhile, I'm flushing prime years of strong libido and optimal bodily response right down the drain! Even if I marry one day, I can’t get my peak years back.

What makes this battle so constantly difficult is the I knowledge that I have the opportunity(ies) right now to give up on waiting for marriage and enjoy my sex life while I'm still in what's left of my prime. But I also know that I'll regret it if I give up after waiting this long. I KNOW I won't be truly happy so long as sex isn't accompanied by a true-love life-bond connection and the freedom from worries of STD's.

...But I know that I already regret all the years I've forever lost. And I'm not happy with this loosing out option either.

I hate this.

What do you do when your first choice isn't available and your second and third options are truly pathetic alternatives?
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