TalentedTongue (talentedtongue) wrote in virgins_over_25,

1 a) How old are you now?
I'm 25
1 b) Male or female?
2. (answer the one that applies)
a) If unmarried, are you a virgin? Yes
3. What are/were your reasons for waiting?
In the beginning my mind was geared towards going to college and then Medical School.  I saw all the “accidents” that took place with some of my classmates and I wanted to avoid that.  Also, I happened to have been one of these high school “accidents” so I didn’t want to repeat history.  Later on in life it became a religious issue.  I’m a Christian.   Lastly, but not in the least there are those pesky STD’s

4. Does your faith play a factor in your decision? Would you wait even if you did not have this faith?
I know that if I weren’t in the church I would be one of those women that would wait to be in love as apposed to waiting for marriage.

5a. Are you a complete virgin (never kissed or willfully engaged in any kind of sexual touching etc).
No, I am not a “complete” virgin.  I have never engaged in sexual intercourse however.

5b. Have you actually had the opportunity to go further than you have, had you chosen to do so?
Yes, and it proves to be the problem.  Men trying to convince you into having sex with them.

6. Do you regret any of the physical involvement/lack thereof that you may have had
I don’t regret anything.  I have noticed that as I get older it does seem like I’m missing out on this big thing that everyone else is enjoying.

7. What are you waiting for (marriage, true love, a willing partner)?
In a perfect world I would be honestly be able to say that I was waiting for marriage, however being that it doesn’t look like that’s close I’m beginning to hedge marriage and wonder if Love would be good enough.  Hopefully my falling in love will be with my future husband.

8. What do you feel is/was the hardest part of remaining true to your decision to wait? What would make it easier?
 The fact that I really have a very passionate nature, and I want to express this with someone that I love and have that love reciprocated. 

9. If you could say one thing to older virgins out there, what would it be?
I suppose to just remember why you made the decision initially.
10. Tell us something about you (interests, beliefs, favo(u)rites) that will help us get to know you better.
It has been said that my life is a musical; I use music to punctuate my life.  I am a scientist I want to cure AIDS!  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading and watching a few intelligent television shows.  I’m quite the shop-a-holic I am currently waiting to meet my husband and in a few years have a baby.  Let us all pray that that all happens soon!


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